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ACA International is seeking applicants for five available seats on the association’s board of directors. Interested candidates should review the application form and campaign rules. ACA’s corporate secretary must receive completed applications no... more

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    RE:Paying by phone using someone other than the...

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    We always get express permission from the 3rd party to run a check or C/C. I dont think there is anything in the FDCPA, however it could become a domestic dispute you dont want to be in the middle...

  • Michael K. Rainwater, CCAE,CCCE

    RE:Attorney representation

    Posted in: Compliance

    My "non-attorney" opinion would be treat it as an Attorney Representation account. Because, FDCPA says you cannot contact a consumer represented by an attorney and in the definitions of consumer includes...

  • Donna Nicholson Stief

    Attorney representation

    Posted in: Compliance

    I'm probably over-thinking this- We received notice that an attorney is representing 2 minor patients in a MVA; however the adult responsible party that we are attempting to collect from is not being...

  • Michael K. Rainwater, CCAE,CCCE

    RE:Employer Search Software / Service

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Non-Verified: www.TLO.com Verified: www.WorkNumber.com and then NetWise Data for no finds are my recommendations.

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