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ACA Seeks 2014/15 Board Candidates

ACA International is seeking applicants for five available seats on the association’s board of directors. Interested candidates should review the application form and campaign rules. ACA’s corporate secretary must receive completed applications no... more

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    Recommendations for sourcing talent

    Posted in: Credit Management...

    Hi, We're a consumer loan company looking to hire full time collectors for our team. Are there staffing agencies that specialize in sourcing people with collections or accounts receivable experience?...

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    Bank Of America

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    I recommend checking your local community chartered credit unions. They are more in tune with the local business climate. I have not gotten the B of A letter yet but am in the process of switching...

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    RE: Bing sued on an account that is not mine!!

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Mr. Katz, I agree with other comments that you need to get a lawyer and remove it to federal court. Whatever you do, don't ignore or miss your deadline to answer the complaint. If you miss your...

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    RE: Bing sued on an account that is not mine!!

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    You will need to remove it to Federal Court if it is not there already. Then you must give the opposing counsel time to withdraw his pleadings after which you may bring a Rule 11 Sanctions motion and...

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