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    Lee McDowell

    Aarons Inc
    Marietta, GA

  2. Michael A. Klutho, Esq.
    Michael A. Klutho, Esq.

    Bassford Remele
    Minneapolis, MN

  3. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

    AMC Credit Services
    Glendora, CA

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ACA Seeks 2014/15 Board Candidates

ACA International is seeking applicants for five available seats on the association’s board of directors. Interested candidates should review the application form and campaign rules. ACA’s corporate secretary must receive completed applications no... more

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  • Benjamin Alexander McNabb

    Hosted PBX - VoIP Providers

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Good afternoon, all. I hope all of you are having a fantastic weekend. I am looking for referrals and feedback on Hosted PBX companies. If your company has made the switch to a hosted PBX (8x8,...

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    RE:New Mexico Statute of Limitations

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    If the account is time barred YES in every written and verbal communication. From a regulators perspective how would a consumer know that you don't sue? Also don't ever say "settlement" to those...

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    RE: New Mexico Statute of Limitations

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Check with your counsel but strict compliance with a state FDCPA law that provides additional protection to the consumer does not generate a federal FDCPA claim (well it shouldn't lol!). In the...

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    RE: Credit Bureau/Validation Notice

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Any other thoughts on this question, as we have been operating under a different understanding and were just discussing the interplay of collection activity under the FDCPA and state licensing vs the...

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Collector Audit Form

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David Linares

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