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    Lorrie Demore

    Penncro Associates, Inc.
    Southampton, PA

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    Keith Baker

    Lien Enforcement Incorporated
    San Jose, CA

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    Richard D. Rivera, Esq.

    Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP
    Jacksonville, FL

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ACA Seeks 2014/15 Board Candidates

ACA International is seeking applicants for five available seats on the association’s board of directors. Interested candidates should review the application form and campaign rules. ACA’s corporate secretary must receive completed applications no... more

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    RE: My two cents...

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Thank you, Keith Baker! You summed up very eloquently what the vast majority of us are aware of, but don't know how or where to respond. It's much more sensational writing to point out a bad company...

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    My two cents...

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    So I just finished reading yet another negatively charged article about the collection industry that was -frankly - just like every other article ever written. The article basically portrays debt collectors...

  • Joseph C. Messina

    RE: Marketing

    Posted in: Third-Party Debt ...

    Hi Christine, My previous reply got deleted, but I will follow-up via PM with a specific link that isn't apparently allowed in general discussions. For anybody else interested, my advice would...

  • Irene Hoheusle

    RE: eOscar

    Posted in: Compliance

    FCRA has different requirements for consumer disputes sent directly to the data furnisher vs. sent directly to the credit reporting agency. So if you heard of it though eOSCAR, it would have to have...

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